Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hotness that is Luc on Original Sin Character Week!

We're one week and counting from Original Sin release! ONE WEEK!!! *faints* So, as promised, I'm kicking off Original Sin Character Week with my beautiful boys, starting with Luc.

Luc is a demon’s demon. He worked in Acquisitions for Hell and had spent five millennia using every tool at his disposal to tempt teenagers down the fiery path. Frannie was just one more soul. Nothing special. But, from nearly the moment they meet, she made him feel things. And she changed him in ways he never could have imagined.

Now, he's chosen sides, and King Lucifer isn't happy about his defection. Which means Frannie is in even more danger just for being with him. It also means "happily ever after" for Frannie and Luc is pretty much out of the question.

Unfortunately for Luc, the song that embodies his torment in this book is World So Cold by Three Days Grace. If you love it, please visit your chosen mode of music purchase and buy it.


  1. LOVE Three Days Grace! I am so excited for Original Sin! I've already pre-ordered it. Love love love the series.

  2. I'd forgotten how hot Luc's trailer was. *Drinks lemonade to cool off.*