Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great YA Bake Sale of 2010 Winner!

First, I want to remind all you Seattlites that I'll be signing at Third Place Books tonight! (6504 20th Ave NE) Please come out and see me! Otherwise it will just me, reading my book to myself, which would just be sad. =(

So, The Great YA Bake Sale of 2010 (aka: The Most Epic Contest in the Universe) has come to a close. There were nearly 600 entries, 95 of which were right here on the blog! (Told you! I have the bestest followers evah!) With over 10 YA authors offering up signed books and swag, it's no wonder! The Grand Prize winner is Arena Blake! Congrats!!!!

Arena won all this!
A signed copy of Cyn Balog’s SLEEPLESS
Bookmarks for KAT, INCORRIGIBLE by Stephanie Burgis
Signed bookmarks for THE CRESCENT and HALF MOON, pencils, and a crescent moon and crystal-studded star necklace from Jordan Deen
A (signed?) copy of THE BODY FINDER, a THE BODY FINDER tote bag, sticker and bookmarks from Kimberley Derting
An EVERLASTING-themed notebook, bookmark and pin from Angela Frazier
A signed copy of CLAIRE DE LUNE, signed stickers and a silver, moon-themed bookmark from Christine Johnson
A signed copy of SHADOWED SUMMER, matching chocolate candies, Twilight-themed heart candies, bookmarks and THE VESPERTINE dance card from Saundra Mitchell
A signed copy of THE PACE, by Shelena Shorts, along with bookmarks and THE PACE pencils
A signed hard-cover of SHADE and a Keeley Brothers pin from Jeri-Smith Ready
A signed copy of PERSONAL DEMONS, a PERSONAL DEMONS tank top, Team Luc and Team Gabe temporary tattoos, and bookmarks from Lisa Desrochers
. . . AND MORE!!!
The winners of the individual prize packs are forthcoming. With 600 entrants, it's taking the mastermind, Christine Johnson, (Claire de Lune) a while to run each contest through the randomizer.

The winner of the signed copy of Personal Demons, plus the delux Personal Demons swag pack will be announced here on the blog SOON! And, if you haven't yet entered, remember that my September Debut Contest closes at noon Friday! Don't miss your chance for a signed copy of The DUFF by my most excellent buddy, Kody Keplinger and a signed copy of Personal Demons! wOOt!

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  1. I'll be at Third Place Books, Lisa! Can't wait to hear you read...and maybe get my ARC signed? Saw the book again in our local store, and they had it turned cover out. Hope your launch week has been kickass.