Monday, September 27, 2010

Something funny happened on the way to the Kindle store.

A fellow Tor author, Ken Scholes, writes adult epic fantasy. Antiphon, the third book in his series, The Psalms of Isaak, released on the same day as Personal Demons. It takes place in an amazing world of deception and danger. Sort of like Personal Demons. But REALLY DIFFERENT. So it came as a huge shock to his readers who bought the Kindle edition of Antiphon to suddenly be dumped into Luc's apartment in chapter 16.

You read that right. The original Kindle edition of Antiphon is intact through chapter 15, but then cuts to Personal Demons chapter 16. Chapters 16-23 are my chapters and then it returns to Antiphon at chapter 24.

Tor and Amazon are working to fix the problem, which appears to have happened someplace in Amazon's reformating of the ebook files into Kindle format.

But! For all you Kindle readers, you get a bonus out of this. Ken has written a chapter 15.5 to Antiphon (and I contributed a very small portion) that is available as a free Kindle download. It's titled Chapter 15.5: Intersections and Interlopers: When Antiphon met Personal Demons. It's quite funny and there are a few characters you know in there. =) 


  1. That is too funny! But obvisiously something good came out of the whole ordeal. Unfortunately for me I can't read the chapter you two created (don't have a kindle or any ereader) but would love too. :(

  2. Ha ha! Yay for technological difficulties. For once something good comes of them.

    Malbebe, you can download Kindle for PC if you're really interested...

  3. It's now available at, too! It was a hoot playing with your characters, Lisa. I think Rudolfo might've been a little smitten....