Thursday, September 9, 2010

Personal Demons Character Week: Who wants to be Frannie????

What can I say about Frannie? Personal Demons is really her story. The double entendre title refers to Frannie’s own personal demons, as well as the demon who’s trying to get personal. (That would be Luc, in case you didn’t catch that from Tuesday’s post.)

She’s experienced some pretty hard knocks in her young life—the death of her twin brother among the hardest. Because of this, she lives within carefully constructed walls to keep anyone from getting too close. She keeps everyone at a distance—her four sisters, her parents—and she’s chosen her best friend, Taylor, very carefully. Someone who won’t push for answers she’s not willing to give.

Her loss has also shaped her entire belief system. She doesn’t believe in God. She doesn’t believe in love.

So, how is it that when she gets close to Gabe, it feels like that’s what he’s made of—love? How can he make her feel something that doesn’t exist? He’s every girl’s dream…God knows he’s been in plenty of hers. And, he’s also clearly the safer choice, because Luc seems more like he could be every girl’s nightmare. Aside from his killer body and that wickedly beautiful face, there’s his dark energy. It scares the hell out of her but also speaks to her like some shadowy siren song that holds her and won’t let her go. A girl could lose control with him—which Frannie doesn’t do. Ever.

Frannie struggles with her belief in a higher power throughout the book, and the song that inspired her character is You Found Me by The Fray. Once again, if you love it, please buy it.


  1. Me!!! Just a few more days 'til Personal Demons! *woot-woot*

  2. *sigh* Is it release day yet? LOL. I can not wait!

  3. That's one of my fave songs!

    I would love to be Frannie! One more week!

  4. I think the song "Who am I living for?" By Katy Perry perfectly describes Frannie.