Sunday, September 19, 2010

SPEAK Loudly!!!

I have to say, I really don't understand what's wrong with people sometimes. Back in March, I posted on two books that I believed were must reads for all teenage girls. One of those books was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Now, that book is under attack for being "soft porn" by someone who is obviously clueless as to the dangers of book banning and censorship just because the subject matter might be disturbing.
Anderson's Speak deals with the rape of a high school girl and the downward spiral of her life, not only because of the act, but because of her fear of speaking out about it. It explores tough issues and ultimately sheds light on how ugly things can get and the importance of speaking out. Not only is Speak NOT pornography, but I view it, and other books like it, as a golden opportunity for parents to talk to their children about these unsettling issues openly in a safe environment. I have two teenage daughters and they will both be reading this book.

I won't quote Wesley Scroggins post on the subject, but this is Laurie Halse Anderson's response to it.

Please don't let narrow minds rule the day. Fight censorship.


  1. With you all the way on this. I had another post written on banned books so included this outrage, as well. Fight back, everyone.

  2. I have been tweeting and posting comments on blogs about this issue. The thing is i stumbled upon SPEAK the movie last night and when it was over i keep thinking 'this must have been made from a book cause it is incredible!'
    Personally i find the idea of comparing rape to pornography sick. I keep seeing so many comments and tweets about this and it has brought me to tears because sometimes when you feel alone and mute, something like this book can be a path to peace and strength you need when everything else doesnt work.
    Just a few hours ago I was talking to a group of friends about this and they were all as upset as me.
    I live in Santa Fe NM but there must be something i can do to help!
    So this is my email
    I also follow you on twitter and goodreads, anything we can do to help we'll be glad to do.

  3. I Agree also...that SPEAK is a must read for teen girls and that we should fight censorship.

  4. Give teens the credit to take a literary masterpiece and understand it's depth and morality.

  5. This is so true!
    I found out about it last night and I was shocked. American people are crazy sometimes! :(

    We should make everything possible for abuse victoms to come forward, not scare them into submission again! That's like a second "rape". :(

  6. I don't understand the book banning thing. They don't ban movies. They label them with as appropriate or inappropriate for certain ages. Why can't they just do that for books too? And then people/parents are free to make a choice about whether or not to read the book themselves. Instead of pulling the book out of entire libraries and counties. :(

  7. Good to hear so many people speaking out against the ridiculous nature of this accusation. I haven't read Speak, but I don't understand how someone could take the rape scenes in this book so far out of context that he considers them pornography.

    I'm hoping this issue will shed more light on the subject of the book, and on censorship as a whole.

    Thanks, Lisa.