Friday, September 10, 2010

Personal Demons Character Week: Supporting Cast


Shelby has a major support roll. She’s a black 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 500. She bails Luc and Frannie out of trouble more than once. And, even though she’s Luc’s, Frannie can’t get enough of her. Frannie and her grandfather have been fixing up vintage Mustangs in his garage since Frannie was seven, and she probably knows more about the Shelby than Luc does.

Both boys have their toys, and Gabe’s is a white 2010 Dodge Charger—the perfect car for Frannie’s wingman—with a backseat and everything…


Frannie’s best friend is a handful. She has dangerous taste in boys and, from the minute Luc sets foot in Haden High, she’s got him in her sights. Which is exactly why Frannie has always kept Taylor close. She could always count on Taylor to scoop the guy—a good thing, because the last thing Frannie wants to do is put her heart out there. But when Taylor goes after Luc, Frannie finds herself wishing she wouldn’t, and hoping that Luc doesn’t want her.

But what if he does?

Is Frannie ready to challenge her best friend for a guy who scares the hell out of her?

Riley is Frannie’s and Taylor’s accidental friend. Understated and a little shy, she believes adamantly in true love, and she’s convinced that Luc is Frannie’s “The One.” So, when Taylor makes her move on Luc, and Frannie turns to Gabe, Riley makes it her mission to “fix” things. At the same time, she’s hiding a secret of her own. She’s found her “The One.”

And it’s someone who will make her friend very, very unhappy.

Stay tuned for the full Personal Demons playlist on Monday! =)


  1. Hooray!! Taylor and Riley - I love those girls :)

  2. Love the pic of Taylor.

    I really like that Frannie has the random fixign cars hobby. That's cool.

  3. Aw! I loved these pictures of Taylor and Riley! I hadn't seen them :) Taylor is JUST how I pictured her!!!

  4. Taylor does look kickass! I am already loving her character! and I love the hair too! :)

  5. i think i'll get along well with Riley. and I WANT TO KNOW WHO'S HER "THE ONE"! :D