Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEA madness and Original Sin Teaser #38

I am running from breakfast with the lovely Andrea Cremer to my Personal Demons signing on the BEA floor, but wanted to stop in with todays Original Sin teaser.

We all know by now how Matt feels about Luc. This is a continuation from yesterday's teaser.

#OriginalSin p91 Frannie: Luc smooths his fingers over my cheek. “Is Matt here?”
I nod, pretty sure it’s true, and then a rock flies through the air and hits Luc in the back of the head. He winces and shoots a look behind him—where, of course, nobody is.
“He’s here,” he says, disgusted.

I promise to have a BEA recap for you tomorrow!

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  1. Cool teaser. The cover looks really cool, too. Smoking.