Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Las Vegas Woes and Original Sin Teaser #32

The Great Blogger Meltdown resulted in my Thursday's post last week evaporating into the ether. It was full of hot boys, so I'm going to share my Las Vegas woes with you once again today. I was in Las Vegas last week on business and had a great time there. There are some amazing shows, like seven different Cirque du Soleils and Phantom of the Opera. There's also this:

and this:

but I went to see this because I'm a good stepdaughter. Oh, the things we sacrifice for family ;p

But, you're not here to listen to me lament the Las Vegas hotness I missed out on. You're here for today's teaser. More Luc and Frannie :p

#OriginalSin p80 Frannie: “Most guys wouldn’t need to be talked into sleeping with their girlfriends.”
“I would think you would know by now that I’m not ‘most guys.’” His finger traces the line of my eyebrow. “I’ve spent seven millennia doing the wrong thing. This is one thing I want to do right.”

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh god. Thunder Down Under. I LOVE THEM. One day...one day...I'm going to steal one and take him home and it'll be a mysterious disappearance. O_O *lusts*

  2. Even more reason I need to go to Vegas! Thanks for all the great teasers!