Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SQUEE moments! And Original Sin Teaser #27!

I'm on an airplane back to California right now. Thanks to all the amazing educators who hung out with us on the Science Fiction and Fantasy panel yesterday! It was great to meet all of you! So, while I'm heading back to CA, I thought I'd share my latest squee moment. There are not even words to describe how happy this makes me:
(Photo courtesy of Jade @DrawMe_jd)

This picture just makes my day. I am totally in love with Italy. This is where I'm going to retire:

It's Cinque Terre on the Mediteranian, and I've never been anywhere I loved so much. One of those houses on the cliff will me MINE! So the Italian release of Personal Demons, aka: Il Bacio Maledetto (The Damned Kiss) is super special to me. I know you've all seen this, but I love it, so here's the Italian trailer once again:

And, for those of you tuning in for the Original Sin teaser...Frannie's ex-boyfriend is back in Original Sin. Here's a scene at a party with Taylor's brother, Trevor.

#OriginalSin p68 Frannie: “Reefer’s on fire,” Trevor says in my ear, pulling me from my musing.
My heart leaps into my throat and my head jerks automatically to look at the bonfire, half expecting to see a flailing Reefer engulfed in flame.
Trevor rolls his blue eyes and points toward the house. “Over there,” he laughs, “with the guitar.”


  1. Well Congrats! I've never seen a book trailer in a foreign language before. That's pretty awesome.

  2. I have some friends who recently went there, and now they keep telling my husband and I we HAVE to go. That Italian trailer kicks butt! Very squee-worthy. ;)

  3. Im still a fan of the US covers but the Italian version has a nice little darker twist look to it that I enjoy too :) I have friends living in Italy, one day I will go an visit lol

  4. Congratulations!

    One of my BIGGEST dream spots to visit is the Amalfi Coast <3

  5. haha...todays teaser is funny! lol

  6. Oh, wow. I want one of those houses, too. Congrats, Lisa!! :-)

  7. I love that his name is Luka! I'm so singing the song! My name is Luka ;)