Thursday, May 26, 2011

BEA wrap up and Original Sin Teaser #39!

So, wow! No one told me BEA was a contact sport! My BEA is officially over. I'm on my way home this morning. I would love to share pictures of my three days in NYC, but I didn't take any. =(

But, my first event of BEA week was Teen Author Carnival on Monday night, which started out with the cab ride from Hell. I mean, is it just me, or is it a problem when the cabbie asks the passenger for directions? My cabbie COULD NOT find the library that TAC was being held at, and I sort of panicked and spam texted everyone I knew who would be there to help me figure out what to tell him. What I didn't know was that the event is like two floors underground in this really cool library, and there's no cell service down there. O_O

Anyway, we finally stumbled on the library just in the nick of time, because I was supposed to moderate the Kick-Ass Females panel at 4:10. Thankfully, I made it and a fun time was had by all. I met tons of bloggers and authors that I feel like I know really well, but have never actually met. Oh, the wonders of social networking.

After, a group from FinePrint/Nancy Coffee Literary Agencies went out for pizza and I got to hang out with my fab agent, Suzie Townsend, Joanna Volpe, Kody Keplinger, my agent sisters Hannah Moskowitz, Rebecca Behrens and Arlaina Tibensky, and assistants Brooks and Sara.

Tuesday morning I signed TONS of finished copies of Original Sin in the formal autographing area in the back corner of the BEA exibit floor. I couldn't believe all the people who stood in line for Kiki Hamilton (The Faerie Ring) and I. The line was so long we couldn't get through it in an hour, so they moved us to an overflow table where we signed until the books were gone (at least 100). It was so fun to see everyone! I was so happy Dawn Metcalf (Luminous) came to say hi, as well as Kristi (The Story Siren) Harmony (Team Luc Fangirl Captain and blogger extraordinaire) Darla and Sandy all the way from California, and Lynsey from the UK. My only regret: I didn't get a finished copy of OS for myself. It's the first time I've seen my finished copies and I wanted to scan through one. Thankfully my roomie, the fabulous Kody Keplinger (The Duff) stood in line for a copy, so I was able to look through hers.

Yesterday morning I was able to have breakfast with my critique partner, Andrea Cremer (Nightshade). It was so fun to have a chance to sit and relax and catch up on everything. She is a very busy lady, with lots of projects in the works, which I know makes all of you VERY happy =)  Then I was off to my Personal Demons signing at the RWA booth, where I signed like a crazy person and the books were gone in a flash. I hope you all enjoy your new books!

So, now I'm on my way home. My daughter graduates junior high tonight, so the excitement continues. =)

But...I know you want the teaser. This is a short one. You all remember Rhenorian, the head of Security in the Abyss, who's sent to bring Luc back. He's got his eye on Luc and he's just waiting for his chance:

#OriginalSin p101 Rhen: “My, my, Lucifer—all the pretty young things. Philandering is a sin, in case you’ve forgotten.”

Tomorrow I have a fun cover reveal for you...and maybe another contest. So don't forget to check back!


  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun!! Wish I could of gone but I was stick in Cali Im happy to have an ARC of OS, which thank you again for :) Im sure your hands hurt from all that signing :)

  2. So nice to meet you IRL, and Great job at Teen Author Carnival!

  3. Just finished reading Personal Demons today... and I'd love to read Original Sin... how many books do you plan to write about Frannie?