Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Sin Music Preview and Teaser #23

My muse is a wannabe rockstar. All the emotional energy in my books comes from music. I find when I get stuck in my writing, it’s because I don’t have the proper musical inspiration. When I find the song that sparks just the right emotion in me, the scene flows.

With all of my novels, each character has an overriding musical inspiration. This is the one song that embodies them as a character in that particular novel. So today, to celebrate release two months from tomorrow, in addition to our next teaser, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at Original Sin through its music.

First, the teaser. As always, there are sparks between Frannie and Luc. Here’s a scene when he stops by her house.

#OriginalSin p60 Frannie: Luc looks crazy hot in a blue button-down, one tail untucked and laying over black jeans. “You look…” and I can’t finish. There’s not a word. “Nice shirt.”
“It’s the color of your eyes,” he says and stops my heart.

And now the music…

Personal Demons was on the dark side, but Original Sin is darker. The music that was running through my head while I wrote was very dark and angsty for all three main characters.

Gabe is my most conflicted character. He has never before found himself in the position of questioning his purpose. But, with Frannie, the lines between duty and desire blur, and he struggles with basic questions of love and loyalty. He vows to always be there for her, no matter what, but what if keeping that promise means risking everything? In Original Sin, the song that embodies this is Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin.

Luc is the character who goes through the most change. As Personal Demons ends, he’s pretty sure of what he wants, but getting it and figuring out how to keep it are two different things. And when outside forces intervene, things don’t go exactly how he planned. His song from Original Sin is World So Cold by Three Days Grace.

And, Frannie. She finds herself caught between two worlds. She’s trying to hold onto a normal life, but her life is anything but normal. Hell won’t give up and Heaven won’t give in, and some people dear to Frannie get caught in the middle. Her song from Original Sin is How to Save a Life by The Fray.

If you get a chance to read OS, you can tell me if you hear these songs in the story.


  1. Wow!!! Great choice of music. Now I got some new tunes for my ipod. =D Thanks Lisa and keep the teasers coming. This is like my everyday fix. Lol.

    xx Clarissa P

  2. I've honestly had to stop reading these teasers because I'm afraid I'm going to spontaneously combust waiting for this sexxxiness to be in my hot little hands O_O