Friday, May 27, 2011

Spanish PD Cover Reveal and In My Mailbox, the Italian Edition! Plus OS Teaser #40

I have to say, so far, I've really liked all my foreign covers. The Spanish translation of Personal Demons (Demonios Personales) is scheduled to release on June 10th and here's the cover...

What do you think? I really like the framing and the font. And, I have to say the angel and demon (Gabe and Luc) are very angelic and demonic ;p I think it's fun. And Frannie looks Frannieish to me.

And, in other fun news, look what was in my mailbox when I got home from BEA yesterday:

There are Italian words inside and everything!

Squee!!! If you've been around the blog, you know my love affair with Italy, and specifically Cinque Terre, where I totally plan to have a summer place someday. (I was there two years ago today, actually.)

So, this translation is really special to me. It's fun too, cuz they have L.J. Smith, Lili St. Crow and this page in the back:

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the lettering is shiny. They have all of my blurbs on the back cover.

Can you tell I'm excited? If you come over, I'll give you a tour of my Italian book :p

Okay, so now for the teaser. Taylor is pretty much as boy crazy as ever, and once she catches sight of Rhen, she's all over that.

#OriginalSin p105 Frannie: Taylor peers out the window. “So, if that guy is from where Luc used to live, it must not be too far away.”
“I guess,” I say, not knowing where she’s going with this, but sure it’s somewhere.
“So, where is it?”
I spread glue on the back of Angelina’s lips. “South.”
“Like Southie? Really? I thought everyone in South Boston was Irish. No way in hell Luc’s Irish.”
“No way in hell,” I repeat.

I didn't forget I promised you a contest. It's coming next week! Promise! =) Happy weekend! I'm going to go read my Italian book now!


  1. The Spanish cover is beautiful! I love how Luc is smirking evilly in the background. :p
    It was wonderful meeting you at BEA on Tuesday! :)

  2. Luc's wings bother me. They remind me of the tacky demonic wings people wear for Halloween. xD

    Though, what I like about it, Luc and Gabe looks like angel and demon sitting on your shoulder thing. Hell if I remember what it's called. And I probably sound really really stupid right now. >:( *Shakes fist at cover.*

  3. Btw, US cover and Spanish cover, Gabe is standing in the same stance. :p

  4. Sadly, the fact that there's an Italian version makes me want to read it in Italian. I'm such and Italy-aholic. :(