Friday, May 13, 2011

Contest Re-do due to #bloggerfail and Original Sin teaser #30

Okay, so Blogger just went totally Friday the 13th and screwed up my Fifth of Many Contests-for-No-Reason. When I looked yesterday, before Blogger went down, there were nearly 70 entries. Today, yesterday's post about my Las Vegas woes and over 60 of those contest entries are gone. =(

So, since so few comments survived the Blogger meltdown, I'm going restart the contest, but, to avoid confusion, I'm going to wait until next week. To appease you in the meantime, all I have to offer is my meager Original Sin Teaser. Since yesterday's post is gone, I'll repost yesterday's, and then today's.


For those of you who have been dying to know the deal with Frannie's family/father, here it is...

#OriginalSin p78 Frannie to Luc: “There’s nothing weird about my dad…well, except that he actually likes Brussels sprouts.”

And, now for today's:

I know you all want more Luc and Frannie hotness, and I always aim to please ;p

#OriginalSin p79 Frannie: He shoots a glance to the door, then kicks off his boots and slides into my bed. I burrow into him, nuzzling into his neck.
“This is a really bad idea,” he whispers into my hair. But as I glide my hands along his chest, his stomach, lower, I can tell his body likes the idea just fine.
I nibble my way up to his ear. “I think it’s the best idea I’ve ever had.”

So, check back Monday for a re-do on the Fifth of Many Contests-for-No-Reason for a signed copy of Where She Went (my obsession book) and Original Sin! =)


  1. I re-posted mine on the contest when I saw that it wasn't there, but that really sucks that you have to redo it... What was Blogger thinking?? Anyway, love the teasers and I can't wait to enter for one of your ARC's next week :)

  2. That's it! Lisa I demand you give me the book right now! HAND IT OVER!!!
    Luc is literally the object of my dreams and I swear with this kind of teaser there is no way I'm getting any sleep tonight!
    Clarissa P