Monday, May 9, 2011

I LOVE teachers and Original Sin teaser #26

I’m in Florida! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here and part of the International Reading Association’s annual conference. I’m honored to be on a science fiction and fantasy panel with a slew of other talented authors. I love teachers and I know how instrumental they are in getting kids to read. The book choices they make for their classrooms can impact a child’s love of reading for their entire lives. So, I’d love to hear from you. Was there a teacher who inspired you to read? How did they do it? Was it a particular book they recommended, or classroom reading? If so, what was the book?

And now for our Original Sin teaser. Taylor, Riley and Trevor are back in Original Sin. Here’s a scene from with the crew:

#OriginalSin p68 Frannie: Taylor's fair skin flushes as she presses her tongue into the ring through the corner of her lip. She shoots a glare at her brother and spins, storming up the road toward the party. Riley shrugs and Trevor smiles at her, all tanned dimples, as they follow Taylor across the street.
Luc twines his fingers into mine. “There’s a project for you,” he says with a tip of his head toward my friends’ retreating backs.
I shove him. “Yeah, right. We’re talking about Taylor. Do you enjoy watching me fail?”
“I enjoy watching you do just about everything.”


  1. No teacher actually inspired me to read. I have always loved reading and I remember that Judy Blume's books is what got me hooked. As a young teen i remember thinking 'wow! she totally gets me'. Lol

    Clarissa Pereira

  2. I liked reading but it was never a hobby until I think 4th grade when nearly all the books from The Baby Sitter Club by Ann M Martin were donated to our class and we were all assigned to read them. We could pick which one we want and when we were done return it and pick another. Sometimes were asked to stand and talk about it when the principal would visit our class (she was scary) so that motivated us to actually read the books. I actually enjoyed the stories though and continued to read them when I left primary school.

    So even though I hated my primary school principal I think she might be the person who encouraged me to read o.o

  3. No one teacher inspired me to read, but they certainly helped me continue to read! My grade 2 teacher bought the full Junie. B. Jones series when she realized I liked them and was at a more advanced reading level than others my age.

    Ooh, interesting teaser!

  4. You are SUCH a tease! Give me MOOOOOORE!