Thursday, May 5, 2011

Party Day and Original Sin Teaser #24

So many things to celebrate today! Happy Cinco de Mayo to our neighbors to the south!

And, if you check that Original Sin ticker in the sidebar, you’ll see that it’s quickly approaching 60 days! Exactly two months from today, Original Sin will be out in the world! Squee!! As I mentioned yesterday when I previewed the playlist, Original Sin is much darker than Personal Demons. I'm a little nervous, but so far, the reviews have been very good, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And! One more thing to celebrate! Today is also the Italian birthday for Personal Demons (or should I say Il Bacio Maledetto—The Damned Kiss). Also a squee!

So, while we’re all celebrating, here’s another Original Sin Teaser!

Today, we get more Frannie and Luc. Frannie is still trying to figure out who she can trust. Read and you’ll see why:

#OriginalSin p61 Frannie: “There was this guy, Alexander Graham Bell. He invented this thing called the telephone. You really should get one. They’re all the rage.” A smirk pulls at Luc’s lips, making me want to kiss him even more.
I force my eyes away from him before he completely sucks me in. “Ha, ha,” I say, waggling my phone in his face. “Don’t tell me—you were his Muse too.”
Out of nowhere, Luc lunges and twists my outstretched arm into an arm-lock. Panic sends my heart racing. He leans in from where he stands behind me. “No. Just Dante,” he breathes in my ear.

Don’t forget! Only one more day to enter my Fourth of Many Contests-for-No-Reason! Tomorrow I'll be drawing the winner of a signed hardcover of If I Stay and a signed Original Sin ARC! Go! And HAPPY EVERYTHING!


  1. Thank you so much for the teaser!! Can't wait to read OS =)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Italian cover for personal Demons, Lisa! Gorgeous!! :-)

    *fingers crossed for tomorrow*

    P.S. I'm UBER-JEALOUS that you've already read Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer. SO LUCKY!! :-)

  3. Shannon--Not to rub it in your face, but Andrea sent me the Nightshade prequel this week for critique. So good!

  4. The Italian cover is great!! thanks for the teaser.

    P.S. I'm team gabe so I can't wait for a hot gabe teaser XD

  5. OO I like the Italian version for personal demons!! Loving these teasers :) Its getting me more and more excited!