Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holy guacamole!

You guys won’t believe all the totally amazing information over on WriteOnCon! For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past few days, WriteOnCon is a FREE on line writers conference going on RIGHT NOW! You can click through on the link above, or the ticker on my sidebar. There is SO MUCH awesomesauce over there that I feel like I’m drowning in it! Here’s today’s line up:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6:00 AM: Romance in YA by author Lisa Schroeder
7:00 AM: Plot and Pacing by author/literary agent Weronika Janczuk, part one, two, and three (series of 3, posted every 20 minutes).
8:00 AM: Using an Independent Publicist by author Lauren Becker
9:00 AM: The Revision Process by author Cynthea Liu, part one, two, and three (series of 3, posted every 20 minutes)
10:00 AM: Transition From Self-Published to Traditional Publishing by author Jennifer Fosberry
10:30 AM: Joanna Volpe’s query critique
11:00 AM: Live blogging event: Queries with literary agent Natalie Fischer
12:00 PM: Creating Memorable Characters by literary agent/author Mandy Hubbard
1:00 PM: Reaching Out to Schools and Libraries Before You’re Published by author Stasia Ward Kehoe
2:00 PM: Sex in YA: The ABC’s of Hooking Up by author Suzanne Young
Live chat with literary agent Natalie Fischer
3:00 PM: Keynote Address by author Lindsay Eland
3:30 PM: Writing Genre Fiction by author Julia Karr
4:00 PM: Do’s and Don’t’s of Querying by literary agent Kate Testerman
5:00 PM: Authentic/Edgy YA by author Kody Keplinger
6:00 PM: How to Make a Character Collage by author Tera Lynn Childs
7:00 PM: Live chat with literary agent Jennifer Laughran
9:00 PM: Panel of Professionals chat LIVE (Anica Rissi, Joanna Volpe, Suzie Townsend, Mary Kole)
10:30 PM: Building an Online Presence, a live Workshop with author Daisy Whitney

Did you guys see who’s up at 9pm? Yep, that’s my truly fabulous agent, Suzie! A panel with an editor and three amazing agents! Don’t miss it!

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  1. I know, right! I feel like my brain's imploded! I have to travel tomorrow, so I'm going to miss the last day. If there was any way I could switch the day :(