Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sneak Peek #8: Personal Demons

Sadly, this is the last of my Personal Demons sneak peaks. It's just over a month until release. I hope y'all are excited to read the rest. =)

If you want to read the other sneak peeks first, you can find them here.

For my last preview, I wanted to give you some more insight into Luc's and Gabe's relationship. As you might have guessed, they have a history, and it's a long one. Here is their first exchange after the party at the opening of chapter four.


Monday morning and the hall is crowded with hot, sticky bodies. Mmm…just like home. And then I feel it. That itch in my sixth sense. Gabriel.

I swing my locker shut, turn, and there he is, leaning against the wall next to room 616, talking to Frannie. And she’s smiling up at him and laughing—and flirting—and blushing.

That bastard’s cheating!

Suddenly, I’m flooded with some unrecognizable emotion mixed with rage, and all I want is Gabriel’s bloody head in my hands. Except angels don’t bleed even when you rip their heads off.

In three long strides I’m across the hall. I realize I’m grimacing and tone it down to my best smirk. “Gabriel.”

Frannie looks a little out of it when she turns to me. “Oh… Hey Luc.”

Gabriel smiles. “Lucifer.”

“So nice to see you. What brings you to the humble halls of Haden High?”

“Same as you, dude. A quality education,” he smirks.

Frannie’s eyes clear a little and shift warily between us. “Play nice.” She turns back to Gabriel and touches his arm. “If you need any help writing up that physics lab…”

My rage bubbles dangerously close to the surface. I feel my power surge. “You’re in physics together?” I say, glaring laser beams at Gabriel.

Frannie’s beaming at him in a whole different way. “Gabe is my new lab partner.”

“Really…” I growl through gritted teeth.

He shrugs away from the wall and shifts closer to Frannie. “Just lucky, I guess.”

Luck’s got nothing to do with it. More like divine intervention.

My appraising eyes shift to Frannie. No real damage done. None that I can’t fix anyway. “So, history?” I say.

“Oh, yeah. Let me grab my book.” As she moves across the hall, her brow creases. She shakes her head once, pushing off the fog. I turn back to Gabriel as she twists her lock.

“So why did they send you anyway? Seems like overkill. Any run-of-the-mill angel could fail as spectacularly as you’re going to.”

“We’ll see,” he says. I don’t like the confident smirk on his face. He knows something I don’t.

I put on my poker face as I fish for information. “You and I both know you would have tagged her already if you could. What’s the hold up? A little too much devil in her?”

He’s still smug, but the frustration in his undertone gives him away. I hit a nerve. “You’re still the same stupid chump you’ve always been. All that pride and arrogance that got you here in the first place. I’d think after all these millennia…you have no clue why you’re here, do you? What the deal is with her?” he asks.

Now he hit a nerve. I struggle to keep my composure. He doesn’t need to know he’s right. “All that matters is Frannie’s soul will be tagged for Hell—soon.”

“Yeah, good luck with that,” he jabs. And if I could kill him, I would, but I’ve tried before and it didn’t work out so hot. Turns out the cherub is tougher than he looks.

Then Frannie’s back. She brushes against my elbow and a tingle courses through me. “Ready?” she says.

“Yep. Let’s go.” I place my fingertips in the small of her back and guide her down the hall. He may need to cheat, but I don’t. No power, just charm.


  1. *swoon* I love Luc. Love love love.

  2. Love It! Thanks so much for the sneak peaks, it was very kind of you! I can't wait until I get to buy this book. I'm really looking forward to reading it :)

  3. Thanks for the sneak peaks! I can't wait to get this book - because as soon as I do i'm reading it. I love Luc's pov!

  4. Oh dear. I'm leaning towards Luc already. His thoughts are just so funny! Ah, can't wait :).

  5. wooooooo.....I like the tension!

    I'm looking forward to finding all about Gabe and which team I want to be on. Luc for now ;)

  6. *cries* Now I have to wait a whole month to read more! Over a month, even. Dang it!

  7. Love it!! But ah! More than a month to wait for more :( I'm totally adoring these snippets and really, really looking forward to reading the whole thing!

  8. OMG! That was totally the best excerpt. Thanks! I'm so going to buy it as soon as it comes out.

  9. Thanks for the last teaser, Lisa! Gosh, can't wait for the book!!!

  10. Personal Demons is going to me make a fan-girl out of me once I read it... I just know it! I loved loved LOVED all the sneak peeks you've shared with us and absolutely can't wait to get the books once it hits shelves!

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