Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seriously, the funniest book review I've ever read.

I finished Mockingjay last night, and it was good...and...uh...that's all I got for you. My characters are sucking me dry right now, but I'm half way through writing Hellbent and I can't believe the crap that's going down, so...because I got nothing for you today, I'll share the funniest book review I've ever read, and it's not Mockingjay, in case you were worried.

This is a Personal Demons review posted earlier this week by The Naughty Book Kitties. Any review of my own book that can make me pee my pants laughing deserves to be shared. For those of you with sensitive eyes, I have replaced Brent's f-bombs, but the rest is uniquely his.

Personal Demons Is My Personal Hooker

*cover and synopsis skipped*

Brent's opinion of the novel:
Let me start off this review by saying that Lisa Desrochers is one cool as f$*# person. After a few email exchanges, I immediately thought “Damn. This is my kinda writer person.” She threatened to unfollow me on Twitter!! … and confessed her psycho-ness to me. So, I had pretty much already decided Lisa was one of my most favorite writers!!!

Frannie Cavanaugh, the sweet Catholic girl having doubts about her faith, doesn’t know what in the hell to do with herself when she starts catching an eye for the two new boys in town. There’s Luc, who works in the acquisitions department of Hell, tagging souls to be sent to Hades. Both Luc and the King of Hell want her bad… but so do the Angels, and they’ve sent one of their best to get her. Gabe. But does Frannie know any of this shit?! No. All she thinks is, “Damn, Luc’s pretty dark and sexy, but Gabe’s gotta nice ass.”

Frannie is one lucky mofo. Two hot guys at the same time?! I mean, get real! There’s no way that happens without luck! (Unless you wear a lot of eyeliner… but that’s another story altogether.) I’ma be honest with cha: I was jealous of Frannie, at some points. Even though she has been through some rough stuff, she had a pretty cool family and amazing friends and TWO HOT GUYS. I mean, damn. Send one over to me. Frannie be rollin’ all up in ‘at hot-boy-dough. But really, I’m not saying her life was perfect! Just that she had a lot of stuff that should’ve been appreciated more. I loved Frannie, I really did. (Is the word “really” experiencing a renaissance in my vocabulary? I think so…) She’s a character easy to relate with. She’s not perfect, she makes mistakes, just like us. Lisa Dez crafted Frannie perfectly. ;)

Luc! Gurah! Omg. Hot. Sexy. Bitchy. Sarcastic. Bad to thah bone. Hot. Hot. Sexy. Hot. YES! Luc! He has got to be one of my favorite men of 2010 YA Lit. And I don’t even know why! In real life, I go for really hot, sweet boys. And that’s usually what appeals to me in books, as well! I seriously hate bitchy sarcastic dudes. But I loved Luc. Even though he was all “I’m so cool and hot, Mr. Acquisitions of Hell. Everyone wants me” I could tell he had a soft side. And, as he grew closer to Frannie, that soft side came out. Yes, I think Gabe is equally alluring, but I AM SO TEAM LUC! Suck it, Gabe.

I loved the use of humor in Personal Demons. It kind of keeps it from being melodramatic, while still upholding the high tension levels. Lisa Dez did that perfect, as well. She added new elements to an old storyline, Heaven vs. Hell. Good vs. Bad. Which is eaxactly what writers are supposed to do. Each story has already been told, so writers tell these stories with a new spin and original voice. Lisa is definitely an author I’ll be following. :)

I know this sounds corny, but I loved every page of Personal Demons. (Please don’t call me a YA blogging hooker! I try not to sound corny, but sometimes I’m unable to!) The characters were real and funny, the plot was “Damn, girl,” and the ending was like “F&%#, now I gotta go hooker myself out to the publisher so I can get the sequel SOON!”
Thanks for the review, Brent. I still LOL every time I read it! :p


  1. I love Brent's reviews. He is awesome. Best. Book. Blogger. Ever.

  2. Too funny! I love the lighter side of reviewing!

  3. O-M-G because of that review your book is now on my list of must reads for september.... thats all i gotta say

  4. This is so epic! I was already dying to read Personal Demons, but this one really put me over the edge. I need some Luc sexiness now!