Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OMG!!! (In this case the G stands for Godless) It's LUC!

The amazing Vania has done it again!

Finally!!!! Here is the scorch-your-eyes-out-hot Personal Demons book trailer #2. And it's...


About half the guesses last week were for Luc's trailer, so apparently, he's got a few fans already. (Dudes, his head is already swollen enough!)

So, for Team Luc, here it is...

If you like it, go tell Vania (@reverieBR) and use #thehotnessthatisLuc hashtag! And if you missed the Gabe trailer you can find in here or in my sidebar! =)


  1. I LOVE IT!! Oh my gosh, that smirk is perfect!!! *sa-woon*

    Must watch again!

  2. um, so HOT.

    I'm starting a new club. It's called Cougars for Luc <3

    I'm the President. Anyone else is welcome to join ;-)

  3. dang, that song is kinda catchy! lol. sweet video!