Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two seriously cool ways of winning Personal Demons!

Dudes! You want a copy of Personal Demons? There are two totally fun contests going on right now, but both end on Tuesday (8/24), so get your butts over there!

First is YA Addict's Cover Re-creation Contest. Do you like the Personal Demons cover? Do you not like it? Think it should be hotter? Sweeter? Darker? Either way, here's your chance to show us your ideas on a new PD cover. I'm DYING to see what y'all come up with! The winner gets a signed ARC =)

Second, Luc is taking questions over on Paranormal Point of View. All you have to do is ask him a question for a shot at winning the VERY FIRST signed finished copy of Personal Demons. You ever been inside a demons head? It's surprising the things you'll find in there. Go ask him stuff.

Good luck!!! Happy reading =)


  1. Hi, Lisa!
    I don't know if you have some sort of policy for commenting on your blog, but I just wanted to say that I'm very truly excited for your debut: Personal Demons. I'm big on the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre, and I have yet to really see a book that focuses on demons and their point of view, their feelings, and so forth. So far, I'm Team Luc. (You probably get that a lot.) I also really enjoyed your interview with Luc. I hope to continue to read about him.

  2. Thanks Asher! I love all comments on the blog, so always feel free to chime in. I'm so glad you're excited to read PD! And, yes. Luc's head is getting more swollen by the second. :p

  3. Excited is a serious understatement. Mind if I ask how it feels to have so many pre-release fans anxiously waiting for PD?

    As for Luc, it must be really nice for him, having his ego stroked on a daily basis. xD