Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My total lack of style and Original Sin Teaser #33

I’m thinking about getting my hair cut. It’s almost always been long. I cut it short and permed it once. It was really low maintenance, and I liked it, but I’m one of those never-want-to-mess-with-my-hair people. I don’t even own a blow dryer. Anything that entails more than running a brush through my hair is too much work. Just going back every four to six months to have it touched up was too much of a hassle. Me, a mirror and a pair of scissors is how I roll.

But, I'm to where part of me wants something new. Problem is, a bigger part of me knows if it takes any effort at all to maintain it, I won’t do it. So…I’m putting it out to a vote. Should I cut my hair? Yea or nay? If yea, suggestions on easy to maintain styles? (Please don't say "shave your head." I'm seriously contemplating it already.)

And, now for the Original Sin teaser. In yesterday's and the day before’s teasers, there was Luc and Frannie hotness and even some nakedness. Today’s teaser is the fallout. This is Frannie and Matt:

#OriginalSin p83 Frannie: My face is on fire and I have to fight to keep my voice a whisper. “You were watching?”
Matt backs off a few steps. “I’m an angel, not a voyeur. I wasn’t watching. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you aren’t dragging your boyfriend into your room in the middle of the night to talk.”

Between Matt and Luc, Frannie has her hands full. =)

Also! You guys really want a signed copy of Where She Went! Trust me! And you can win one here! So enter if you haven’t already!


  1. Matt reminds me of my little brother who always claims that he just happens to walk past my bedroom door whenever i'm having a convo on the phone or when my besties come over. *snorts*

    hmm...i don't think i'll be much help on the whole haircut thing. Last year I decided to just chop off all my hair coz i was having a Joan Jett phase (she's awesome!). I don't really regret it but I love long hair too.

    maybe you should ask Angelique...that is if she's not pissed with you for hooking frannie and luc up. Lol

    Clarissa Pereira

  2. I've been mulling over the same thing (haircuts). Every time I decide I want to get it cut, my hairdresser convinces me otherwise ("But it's so pretty and LONG!"). So I guess my vote is nay. Long hair is really easy to put into a ponytail if you're feeling lazy--with short hair, you always have to mess with it in the morning (unless you're one of those lucky people with fantastic hair). *shrug*

  3. I like short hair for summer, but I'm ready for mine to be long again. I cut off about 11 inches last November (and got BANGS). I'm going to keep the bangs because I have pretty thick hair, but I miss being able to braid it.

    Short hair is easier to dye, if that makes a difference. I don't dye my hair, though.

  4. I cut my hair to above my shoulders once, that was very easy to maintain, just brush and go, didn't even need to pin it up.

  5. I opt for not cutting off too much! I have relatively thin hair and cut my hair short (it ended somewhere under my ears, yeah, not cool) und it took me nearly ten years to get it that long again. It's at my midback now and I always dread getting it cut but it has to be done. At least the tips :) I also think that short hair can be much more work. My sister has really short hair (at least in comparison to my hair) and she needs twice as long as I need to get it in place :)

  6. I have VERY thin hair, probably thinner than Jill's (see above)and I have mine cut in a wedge. Ten minutes with a blow-dryer every other day and that's it. Looks immeasurably better than long, scraggly hair, too.
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